In employee communications, our aspirations are boundless and our limits are real. Both are gifts.

We aspire to understand our employees completely, and we want our people to understand us—the organization and its leaders—completely. We can do neither—completely. There are too many variables, of knowledge and experience and belief. 

Even if we could magically make a perfect connection with our employees today, tomorrow we would begin again—because of the experiences we all had the day (or the moment) before.

The Impossible Communications™ discipline helps us explore our infinite aspirations and embrace our finite limits to make the most of both. 

Once we see the direction and meaning of our aspirations, we can get to work—leveraging our limits to open a world of possibilities of imperfect but powerful actions. 

The Impossible Communications™ approach weaves the ideal and the possible into a fabric of assessing, planning and executing. It fuels employee communications that help people believe in the organization’s purpose, feel that they belong to a mutually supportive community, and know that they matter to the organization’s success.

The Impossible Communications™ approach is a set of offerings of Michael Green Communications that range from workshops and speaking engagements to strategic planning and execution.

Want to learn more about this approach—and how it can help your mission? Reach me via email, or call/text at +1-503-310-5963.